NEIA Farms (Lantzky Farms)

Producing quality grain and livestock to the world in a safe and environmentally responsible manner from northeast Iowa.

Custom Farming

We are available for hire for all types of field work. We normally charge the average custom rate based on Iowa State University's annual survey.  For larger jobs or multiple operations, we can make a package discount.
The following are the items that we are currently taking reservations for this spring:

Field Boundaries and Waterway Mapping (Gator)

Field Cultivating (38' John Deere 2210)

Land Rolling (40' Mandako)

Corn Planting

No Till Soybean Drilling

Rotary Hoe

Liquid Fertilizer Application

Custom Combining

This mapping is completed with RTK accuracy. This will allow you to spend more time planting instead of tracing waterways with your planter to establish zones to shut off your row clutches.

Land Rolling
The video shows our Mandako Land Roller in action. The ground has a better ride for planting corn and if rolled after beans provides better seed to soil contact, pushes rocks back into the ground and provides a table top flat surface for harvesting.

Our planting unit is a 2012 John Deere 16 row 1760 corn planter with row clutches, pnuematic downpressure and Yetter shark tooth row cleaners. We do not have any fertilizer attachements. We operate with a 20/20 planting monitor and have the ability to variable rate plant if the field has mapped boundaries. This allows you to change your populations rates to match the quality of your ground.

Soybean Drill

We recently purchased a 1560 grain drill that is set up to drill beans in 15" rows.  The drill is 20' wide and has a rolling basket on the back.  We would still recommend rolling the ground after drilling in order to press in rocks and create a smooth surface for harvesting.

Rotary Hoe
In the spring of 2014, we had some corn that crusted in due to heavy rains after planting.  We purchased a 30' rotary hoe that allows us to cover close to 40 acres per hour.  When time is of the essence, hire a large rotary hoe that can get the job done quickly.