NEIA Farms (Lantzky Farms)

Producing quality grain and livestock to the world in a safe and environmentally responsible manner from northeast Iowa.

The following is a listing of the equipment that is used throughout our operation. Yes it is fairly obvious that we lean toward green paint. All of the tillage, planting and harvesting equipment is equipped with GPS equipment to help eliminate skips and overlaps which improve our efficiency and help us reduce the amount of seed and chemicals which are applied. The combine has a yield monitor that tracks yield and moisture of a given crop and provides a yield map to help make future management decisions.


2013 John Deere 8285R MFWD Tractor

2005 John Deere 8320 MFWD Tractor

1997 John Deere 9300 4 Wheel Drive Tractor

1982 John Deere 4440 Tractor

1974 John Deere 4430 Tractor with Unverforth Loader

1999 John Deere 250 Skidloader

2010 John Deere 625i Gator

1984 Ford 500 Backhoe


2013 John Deere S660 Combine

2011 John Deere 608C Corn head

2015 John Deere 635F Draper Platform 

2020 American Industries 36' Head Trailer

Tillage and Planting Equipment:

2012 John Deere 1770NT Planter 16 Row with Automatic Shutoff

2002 John Deere 1560 20' Grain Drill on 15" rows

2013 Unverforth 4 Pro Box Seed Tender

2011 John Deere 38.5' 2210 Field Cultivator

2012 Krause 8000 30' Vertical Till 

2011 Mandako 40' Land Roller

2012 John Deere 2700 7 Shank Disc Ripper

2015 Unverforth 5 Shank In Line Ripper

2006 John Deere 120 Stalk Chopper

1998 Krause 27' Disc

2012 Blue Jet AT 4000 16 Row Fertilizer Applicator

Grain Handling Equipment:

2013 Brent 1394 Grain Cart with 520 Grain Scale

2010 International Prostar Semi and 2020 42' Timpte Grain Trailer

2004 Sterling Semi and 2015 42' Timpte Grain Trailer 

1989 Ford L8000 Semi and 1998 Jet 28' Grain Trailer

2007 GSI 116 Continuous Flow Grain Dryer

Various auger to move grain

Grain Storage:

35,000 Bushels storage at Chickasaw Farms site (10m wet, 25m dry)

97,000 Bushels storage at Bassett Site (8m wet, 89m dry)

38,000 Bushels storage at various rented sites 

We rely on a custom sprayer to apply our chemicals in a timely manner. This provides us with the latest technology to control weeds and apply fertilizer. It also provides us with another two men for labor to run the sprayer and nurse truck.

Farm Equipment