Row Crop Operations

NEIA Farms (Lantzky Farms)

Producing quality grain and livestock to the world in a safe and environmentally responsible manner from northeast Iowa.

Our row crop operation consists of 1840 acres located throughout out Chickasaw, western Floyd Counties.

Our row crop acres have continually grown over the past few years:

2020: 1840                                            2014: 2148                                                               2007: 942
2019: 1790                                            2013: 2021                                                                2006: 427                                                              
2018: 1350                                            2012: 1433                                                                2005: 398
2017: 1350                                            2011: 1350                                                                2004: 413
2016; 2710                                            2010: 1310                                                                2003: 201 
2015: 2710                                            2009: 1250                                                                2002: 191
2014: 2148                                            2008: 998                                                                

The following is a listing of the activities which are completed throughout the year:

Summary of a Typical Year with our Farming System:
Late Winter – Early Spring
- Select corn hybrids and soybean varieties by soil types and field drainage to optimize yields.
- Analyze soil tests to determine fertilization rates for each field.
- Review herbicide practices from previous year to determine major weed pressures to be controlled.
- Determine potential price outlooks utilizing advice from several different advisory services and developing a marketing plan to secure a floor price with upside potential.
-Cut brush from fencelines to improve yields on edge of field and keep equipment from being scratched.
- Pickup large rocks
- Apply fertilizer and pre-plant herbicides
- Work fields once with a field cultivator prior to planting
- Plant cornfields as field conditions and weather allows.
- Prefer to no-till plant beans into standing cornstalks. Will work soybean fields if conditions warrant.
- No-till plant soybeans as conditions allow.
Late Spring – Early Summer
- Post spray corn and soybean fields based on weed pressure
- Cultivate fields as needed.
- Apply liquid nitrogen to post emerged corn.
- Spray ditches and fence lines for weed control
- Pick up rocks on all soybean fields and select corn fields.
Late Summer – Early Fall
- Scout fields for insects, weed, disease control and pre-yield estimates

- Mow field driveways and larger waterways that are accessible in order to prepare for harvest

- Harvest soybeans normally late September to early October
- Harvest corn normally mid October to early November
- Soybean ground is only chisel plowed when the conditions warrant it.
- Corn ground that will be planted back to corn is chisel plowed.
- Soil samples are collected as needed for the following year (Every three years on a 2.5 acre grid sampling with landlords receiving a copy of all tests).
- Hog manure is applied on fields requiring additional soil tilth based on a Iowa DNR approved manure management plan. This is applied to ground that will be corn the following year.